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Issues - Issue #0
Written by Martim Fanucchi   
Thursday, 16 September 2010 17:58

To write this text was my duty. Here I will talk about people and this job. From a chat, started at a delicatessen called “Doceria Holandesa”, with lawyer Farina, Autism Magazine Brazil (Revista Autismo) acquired its own life, identity and organization. But all of that happened it was by/because of people. People made all the difference.


I dedicate these lines to them. Love also made all the difference. Paiva embraced the project with passion; he accepted the challenge, with a/an unique dedication, working with me from dusk till dawn, reading, re-reading, searching information and contributors for the magazine.  The kindness of our friend Zinho, owner of Otomar Printing Company, who provided us with time, material and human resources.


He requested paper donation from suppliers, and got it!  The kindness of all of our contributors:  Mrs. Simone, MD; Mr. Salomão, MD and Mr. Walter, MD; Iolanda,  Adriana and Estela from Centro Lumi, Andréa from AMAS (Sorocaba), Sabrina Ribeiro, Renata, Claudia Marcelino and Priscila Spiandorello, Douglas, Ana Muniz and Claudia Dias, who have also worked from dusk till dawn to make researches, Karla and Luiza, who helped me with Magazine Cover via Messenger, and all the others/other people who are part of the “Autism Treatment” discussion list (nutritionists, psychologists, speech and language therapists, or, simply parents). Every one with something in common, direct or indirectly, Autism.


Every one spared some time and talent so that someone, somewhere, could benefit itself from this information. I am moved by the thought that there still are autistic children who are treated as retarded; locked at home, tied up or left at disqualified institutions. Should we be able to, at least, change the life of one of them, all this effort has been worthwhile! Congratulations to all of you who contributed to this dream! (This dream, the magazine, printed or on line).



Martim Fanucchi
Art Director
Publicist and Artist, he is Julia’s father, who is 6 years old and suffer from an autism spectrum disorder.

E-mail: [email protected]

A magazine is born
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